Nowadays businesses attempt to compete by singing their own praises. Their websites boast that they are the best ever or as I read the other day “We are Australia’s leading full service product photography and product content agency.” Wow! Iwonder how they made that assessment. They probably even created an award for themselves. Statements such as these cannot possibly be unbiased and should therefore be taken with many grains of salt.

The skill set behind Visual Persuasion is built upon traditional photographic values. We are old in the traditional sense, however we are certainly new in keeping in front of the digitalage. In fact we were one of the first studios to completely convert to digital imaging. It was around 15 years ago that our $250k processor went into a rubbish skip and $250k of new digital equipment came through the studio door. Because of this our experience in this area is hard to beat.

Our philosophy on imagery that sells starts with our name. And there on is expressed throughout this website with lessons learned over the 50 plus years clocked up by the 2 principal photographers.

Rather than follow our competitors’ grand statements, we’d rather you looked at our work and have it speak for us.

Visual Persuasion’s upbringing was a labour of love conducted in an environment of detailed client briefs, budgeting, planning shoots, preparing product, building sets, moulding light – it’s more than pointing the camera and pushing the button.

While our traditional dark room practices are largely lost, our traditional values have been retained. We have built and maintained a level of wisdom from our trade and a desire for perfection that will survive as long as we are around. Put simply, we have the knowledge not to mess around and waste time, and the experience to know if something is going to work or not. In other words you’re not paying us to reinvent the wheel. We always aim for the highest degree of quality tailored to a client’s budget.

Please give us a call when we can arrange a meeting and have a face to face discussion about your needs, It achieves far better results than email.