[hr] [twocol_one]They say God was the first copywriter. And if he created the tablets on which were written the Ten Commandments then he was also the first typographer. Since then the written word and typography have been inextricably linked. But not all combinations have been so successful. Inappropriate typography can ruin an otherwise effective message.

Effective communication skills evolve from the study of human nature. So before we attempt to communicate with your market we look at it carefully. Because most people hear what they want to hear and interpret it in light of what they already know, we make sure there’s a connection with what we are telling them and what they already accept. We always strive to establish trust and desire. It’s a persuasive combination.

To help communicate the printed word we employ typographic skills. Some type can be playful, some can be serious, some denote precision while others promote luxury. Does one choose a serif or a sans serif face? Do we employ bold or light, roman or italic? These are decisions we take seriously simply because of the great, though not necessarily conscious, effect they have on consumers.

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